AWP MEWP Working Platform Hydraulic Working Height 30m 47.1m

AWP MEWP Working Platform Hydraulic Working Height 30m 47.1m

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    mewp working platform


    30m boom lift


    AWP platform 47.1m

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AWP MEWP Working Platform Hydraulic Working Height 30m 47.1m


Diesel Articulating Boom Lift Working Height 47.1m, Machine Weigh 26110Kg



Product Features

The Medium-Large Size Diesel Articulating Boom Lift features are explained in simple words:
1. Stability and Safety: The boom lift is designed to be stable and safe during operation. It has outriggers or stabilizers that provide additional support and prevent tipping over. It also has safety features like guardrails and emergency stop buttons.
2. Easy Maneuverability: The boom lift has wheels or tracks that allow it to move easily on various terrains. It can be controlled by an operator, who can drive it to the desired location.
3. Multiple Applications: This boom lift is suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, maintenance, painting, tree trimming, and more.
Overall, the Medium-Large Size Diesel Articulating Boom Lift is a powerful and versatile equipment that enables workers to safely reach high places and perform various tasks.


AWP MEWP Working Platform Hydraulic Working Height 30m 47.1m 0

Model AB45J
Size Metric
Maximum Working Height 47.1m
Maximum Platform Height 45.1m
Maximum Horizontal Outreach 23m
Maximum Up & Over Clearance 19.5m
Platform Size 2.44X0.91m
B)Length-Stowed(jib stowed/extended) 11.6m/14.7m
Width(axle retracted/extended) 2.5m/5.1m
A)Height-Stowed 3.17m
Wheelbase 5.6m
Ground Clearance 0.4m
Maximum Lifting Capacity/(Non-restricted) 480Kg/230Kg
Maximum Platform Occupancy 2ppls
Platform Rotation ±90°
Vertical Jib Rotation 140°
Turntable Rotation 360°Continuous
Drive Speed-Stowed 4.4Km/h
Drive Speed-Raised 1.1Km/h
Gradeability 40%
Maximum Working Slope
Turning Radius -inside(axle retracted/extended) 7.6m/2.69m
Turning Radius -outside(axle retracted/extended) 10m/7.07m
Drive & Steer Mode 4X4X4
Tire Size 445/65-24
Power Supply 55Kw@2400rpm~2600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 200L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 250L
Control Voltage 24V
Machine Weight 26110Kg
Standard Compliance  
EN280 GB25849  


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The Aerial Work Platform Production Line

1. Full Capacity for Production Processing: Professional Manufacturing Equipments to ensure customers one-stop cooperation
2. High Quality & Efficiency: High consistency of processing quality, to ensure efficiency and high precision machining characteristics

3. It plays a crucial role in providing safe and efficient equipment for various industries, such as construction, maintenance, and utilities. The production line's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that customers receive reliable and high-performing aerial work platforms for their specific needs.

AWP MEWP Working Platform Hydraulic Working Height 30m 47.1m 1