Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift 10.1m Working 2WD Height Weight 2440kg

Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift 10.1m Working 2WD Height Weight 2440kg

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    self propelled electric scissor lift 10.1m


    self propelled electric scissor lift 2440kg


    10.1m scissor lift

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Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift 10.1m Working 2WD Height Weight 2440kg


Self-propelled Scissor Lift 10.1m Working Height Weight 2440kg




Product Main Features


1. A self-propelled scissor lift stands out as a cutting-edge device capable of hoisting individuals or objects to elevated locations.

2. Its mechanism, reminiscent of a scissor's movement, allows for the platform's controlled ascent and descent.

3. In the realm of mobility, this lift surpasses traditional counterparts with its autonomous navigation capability.

4. Equipped with wheels or tracks, it deftly manoeuvres in varied directions without external assistance.

5. Primarily employed in construction or maintenance tasks requiring secure access to lofty areas, this lift boasts user-friendly controls.

6. Utilizing buttons or a joystick, operators effortlessly guide the lift upwards, downwards, and sideways.

7. Safety reigns supreme in the design of the scissor lift, featuring sturdy guardrails and emergency stop mechanisms.

8. Adhering to weight restrictions is crucial to maintain stability and avoid overloading risks.

9. In essence, the self-propelled scissor lift emerges as a dependable and effective ally, enabling individuals to work safely and efficiently at elevated altitudes.


Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift 10.1m Working 2WD Height Weight 2440kg 0


Standard Configuration
Proportional control Emergency descent system Action buzzer
Bidirectional extension platform Safety maintenance bracing piece Emergency stop system
Folding fence platform 4X2 Double frontal wheel electric drive Automatic braking system
Platform self-locking door Smart charger Charging protection system
Fault diagnosis system Standard transport forklift holes Stroboscope light
Oil tube explosion-proof system Solid traceless tyres Tilt protection system
Maintenance Free battery    


Model JDS0812HM
Size Metric
Maximum Working Height 10.1m
A)Maximum Platform Height 8.1m
B)Platform Height-Stowed 1.25m
C) Platform Length 2.29m
Length Extended 3.2m
D) Platform Width 1.14m
Rail Height 1.1m
E) Height-Stowed (Rail unfolded) 2.35m
Height-Stowed (Rail folded) 1.82m
F) Length-Stowed 2.47m
Width 1.15m
Wheelbase 1.87m
Ground Clearance (Pothole protection lay down) 0.02m
Ground Clearance Center 0.09m
Platform Occupancy(indoor/outdoor) 2/1
Wind Speed 12.5m/s
Platform Capacity 450Kg
Extension Platform Capacity 120Kg
Drive Speed-Stowed 3.5Km/h
Drive Speed-Raised 0.8Km/h
Grade ability-Stowed 25%
Min Turning Radius-inside 0m
Min Turning Radius-outside 2.1m
Raise/Lower Speed 40s/50s
Controls Proportional control
Drive 2-Front wheels
Tyre Size 0.381mx0.127m
Power Supply 24V DC 4x6V Battery
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 20L
Sound Pressure Level(ground) <70dB
Sound Pressure Level(platform) <70dB
Vibration 2.5m/s²
Machine Weight 2440kg
Standards Compliance EN280 GB/T 25849


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Company Profile


JINDA's predecessor began to manufacture MEWPs in 2013, one of the earliest manufacturers in China. In 2020, JINDA HEAVY INDUSTRY (TIANJIN) CO., LTD was officially founded in Tianjin city, China. JINDA specialises in the research, manufacture, sales and service of a wide range of access solutions. Since it entered the market, JINDA has obtained more than 177 authorized patents and tasted 29 invention patents. JINDA is committed to providing safe and dependable products, and our mission is to terminate hazardous aerial work company's technical personnel account for more than 60%, and it has built an intellectual property protection system for its product technology.
HUNAN KINGDA INTELLIGENT ACCESS MACHINERY CO., LTD is a subsidiary of JINDA located in the city of Changsha and mainly engages in international business.

Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift 10.1m Working 2WD Height Weight 2440kg 1