38m Platform Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Horizontal Outreach 24m

38m Platform Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Horizontal Outreach 24m

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    38m Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift


    Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Outreach 24m


    Outreach 24m Boom Lift

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38m Platform Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Horizontal Outreach 24m


Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Platform 40m Horizontal Outreach 24m



Product Features


1.  The diesel-powered telescopic boom lift is a towering behemoth, fueled by the strength of diesel and armed with a telescopic appendage that can stretch and shrink at will, conquering towering heights with ease.

2. In its veins flows the power of diesel, propelling it towards the heavens with a relentless determination. Its telescopic arm, a versatile tool of conquest, extends and retracts like the breath of a giant, reaching heights beyond mortal comprehension.

3. This machine, a colossus of industry, is crafted to bear burdens of immense weight, boasting a robust frame that stands unwavering against the forces of gravity. Stability and safety are its unwavering companions, ensuring a secure ascent to the lofty realms above.

4. A stalwart companion in the realm of construction and maintenance, this mechanical titan is a favoured ally in tasks that demand the embrace of the clouds.

38m Platform Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift Horizontal Outreach 24m 0

Model TB38J
Size Metric
Maximum Working Height 40.4m
Maximum Platform Height 38.4m
Maximum Horizontal Outreach 24m
Platform Size 2.44X0.91m
Length-Stowed(jib stowed/extended) not able to stow/14.1m
Width(axle retracted/extended) 2.5m/4.1m
Height-Stowed 3.08m
Wheelbase 3.96m
Ground Clearance 0.4m
Maximum Lifting Capacity/(Non-restricted) 480Kg/300Kg
Platform Rotation ±90°
Vertical Jib Rotation 135°
Turntable Rotation 360°Continuous
Drive Speed-Stowed 5Km/h
Drive Speed-Raised 1.1Km/h
Gradeability 45%
Maximum Working Slope
Turning Radius-inside(axle retracted/extended) 3.83m/2.69m
Turning Radius-outside(axle retracted/extended) 6.24m/6.5m
Drive &Steer Mode 4×4×4
Tyre Size 385/65-22.5
Power Supply 55Kw@2400rpm~2600rpn
Fuel Tank Capacity 150L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 250L
Control Voltage 12V
Machine Weight 21800Kg
Standard Compliance  
EN280 GB25849  


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Company Profile


JINDA's predecessor began to manufacture MEWPs in 2013, one of the earliest manufacturers in China. In 2020, JINDA HEAVY INDUSTRY (TIANJIN) CO., LTD was officially founded in Tianjin city, China. JINDA specialises in the research, manufacture, sales and service of a wide range of access solutions. Since it entered the market, JINDA has obtained more than 177 authorized patents and tasted 29 invention patents. JINDA is committed to providing safe and dependable products. Our mission is to terminate hazardous aerial work. The company's technical personnel account for more than 60%, and it has built an intellectual property protection system for its product technology.
HUNAN KINGDA INTELLIGENT ACCESS MACHINERY CO., LTD is a subsidiary of JINDA located in the city of Changsha and mainly engages in international business.

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